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Durban Cricket Centre of Excellence to develop and nurture talent

Based at Durban High School High Performance cricket indoor centre, We cater for cricketers of all abilities, from beginners to professionals through our various coaching programs. Our top class coaches utilise the latest coaching techniques, finest facilities and equipment to create an environment in which real learning takes place; an environment in which the fine balance between challenge and support are fully understood and an environment in which thinking players are developed, enabling them to thrive on the field. We strive for quality in action, through respect, honesty, support, communication and trust, so as to build lasting relationships with our members. 

To improve mental sharpness it is always a good idea to stay fit, and what better way than to take part in sport!  With this in mind the Durban Cricket Academy KwaZulu-Natal continually strives to offer the best to their students, ensuring an enhanced student experience for all. In light of this - and to ensure that students not only perform well academically but also on the sport field the Durban Cricket recently introduced the High Performance Cricket Centre. The purpose of this centre is to develop the talent of not only our current students, but also hand selected prospective students within the Durban area, local and international.

The centre will focus on improving and assessing the performance of cricket players within a controlled environment simulation setting. 

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